A tropical garden in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is known for its tropical lush vegetation, and for those feathered neighbors, the wild peacocks, which you can see everywhere.

 We could not find a better location to shoot the new nature-inspired additions to our collection. Our friends M&L have the most wonderful garden in their house, it’s so beautiful! So, when they agreed to let us do the photo shoot there, we started packing and rushed to the car!

 The tablecloths that we portrayed in this photo shoot are inspired in the wonderful vegetation and marine life we have in South Florida.

 Our ‘Under the sea’ tablecloth is a unique addition to any table. It features fish, and corals, aka a snorkeler’s dream. We love it for brunches or dinners al fresco. Our gold fish candleholders do the rest of the magic.

 Everyone loves our ‘Sea Coral’ tablecloth! You can combine it with red or fuchsia napkins to make the blue pop even more. We chose the surfer chargers for a perfect sea inspired combo.

 The ‘Banana Leaf’ tablecloth is tropically perfect for Miami. It goes great with our ' Surfer' charger or  ‘Simple Gold’ charger and with our ‘Gordito’ copper mugs. 

 Thanks to my love, Fer for taking on the photographer duty, and a huge thank you to M&L for letting us stage their garden.